Training Videos Training videos to optimise your training and performance with Endura

Endura E-Training videos are designed to educate and guide you on using Endura Sports Nutrition to give you the advantage in training and performance. Endura is dedicated to providing cutting edge information and training tips, to help you train harder, race faster and recover quicker.

Isotonic Vs Hypertonic
Isotonic vs. Hypertonic explores the difference between these two dosing strategies and clarifies how to prepare your Endura Rehydration formula to best suit your requirements.
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Optimise Your Performance With Endura Optimizer
There are many nutritional components that an endurance athlete needs in order to perform at their peak. Carbohydrates to burn for energy, protein to support muscles mass, low fibre to avoid gastric discomfort and vitamins and minerals to support increased...
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When To Use Endura Rehydration
When to Use Endura Rehydration explores how to implement Endura Rehydration as your sports nutrition foundation and use for training, racing and increased physical demand.
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Why MetaMag the magnesium used in Endura is different
This short video will explore the importance of magnesium in exercise and how you can benefit by supplementing with a good quality magnesium. You will also learn about the differences in mineral absorption by comparing several forms of magnesium, including...
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Why use Endura Sports Energy Gels
Learn more about how the combination of immediate impact and slow release carbohydrates in Endura Sports Energy Gels can help reduce the chance of you 'hitting the wall' and improve your training and racing outcomes.
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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.