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Endura 101

Man cannot run on water alone - you need superior nutrition and intensive training to help you push the limits. There is a common misconception that water is all you need to stay hydrated and keep you powering on during exercise. Providing your body with the right nutrients at the right times will not only improve hydration, energy and recovery; it can also boost your performance. Use Endura Sports Nutrition before, during and after exercise to help reach your performance potential.

Perfect Preparation

You must prepare adequately for exercise if you want your body to function at its peak. If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Without proper nutrition prior to exercise, your fuel and electrolyte stores will be limited and your energy will deplete faster, compromising your performance. Your body responds best to an appropriate combination of carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes in the hour before exercise to flood energy stores and maximise hydration. Endura Optimizer is your perfect pre-event loading formula; delivering a carbohydrate blend of microcrystalline fructose and branched-chain glucose polymers, protein in the form of hydrolysed whey protein, and electrolytes. This combination delivers a well absorbed, steady stream of fuel to power you from the starting line well into the race.
Endura Optimizer contains all the vital ingredients in ideal ratios to prime your system for optimal performance.

Supercharge Your Cells

During exercise, you need carbs and electrolytes to supercharge your cells for peak output. Training without replenishing your carbohydrate and electrolyte stores can often lead to fatigue, mental fog, muscular cramps, dehydration and decreased capability. Endura Rehydration Energy Fuelcontains microcrystalline fructose as a source of energy boosting carbs, and the essential electrolytes, Meta Mag® magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride that combine with water to saturate your cells and keep dehydration at bay for longer. It is clear that consuming carbohydrates during exercise extends endurance performance and delays fatigue1,2,3Rehydration Energy Fuel provides a steady stream of nutrients during exercise to minimise cellular dehydration, improve performance and relieve muscular cramps and spasms. It may be taken once or twice per hour during the event. Digesting and absorbing carbs and electrolytes can be difficult while crunching those kilometres. Rehydration Energy Fuel is rapidly and easily absorbed, whilst being gentle on the stomach.

Endura Sports Energy Gels conveniently provide 26 g of immediate impact and sustained release carbohydrates (microcrystalline fructose and branched-chain glucose polymers) in a compact, easy to carry sachet. They are best taken hourly with water to avoid gastric upset. Endura Sports Energy Gels can help amplify your output and provide an extra hit of fuel to help you last the distance.

Rapid Recovery

Rapid recovery requires protein, carbohydrates and rest; take away any one of these and your recovery will be prolonged. Delayed recovery means putting off your next training session, slower results and ultimately, decreased ability. Athletes who neglect recovery nutrition can become deficient in nutrients necessary for health, wellbeing and performance. Protein and carbs are crucial, especially in the first hour post exercise. Endura Optimizer is the ideal recovery formula, containing carbs and protein in a 6:1 ratio, the most efficient way of replenishing glycogen stores. Endura Optimizer provides a broad spectrum of amino acids and nutrients necessary for muscle repair and recovery - all that’s left for you to do is rest.

Game Plan

Endurance sports vary in type and length, and the best way to use Endura products will change from one event to another. Table 1 below outlines how to use the Endura to help you push the limits.

Put it to the Test

To get the most out of your body, water alone is not enough; you need to provide protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes to ascend to the next level. As an endurance athlete, you are testing the boundaries to see how far you can push yourself. It makes sense that you need to provide your body with the necessary nutrients to power your passion. Endura Sports Nutrition provides you with optimal nutrition to meet your performance needs before, during and after training. Now you know the basics, it’s time for you to put it to the test. Try Endura Sports Nutrition - and power your potential!

* References available on request.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.