Endura and ASADA Endura Sports Nutrition has been specifically formulated for athletes, including professional athletes

Is Endura suitable and allowed to be used in competition and during training?

Yes. The Endura range of sports nutrition supplements have been specifically formulated and manufactured for athletes, including professional athletes. These supplements are tried, tested and trusted and are taken by many of the top professional athletes competing in a wide range of sports including triathlon, AFL, athletics, cycling, Ironman and marathons. Endura supplements are manufactured to a high standard using high quality ingredients.

What do ASADA say about Endura?

A limited list of Endura supplements can be found on the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) website. All Endura products listed on the ASADA website are prohibited for parenteral use (by intravenous injection) and are not recommended to be used in this way by Endura. Endura supplements are intended only to be taken orally.

Endura is “subject to certain conditions - all routes” - what does this mean?

Endura supplements are coded with on the ASADA website and a request to phone ASADA for more information is recommended. The reason these products attract a is because they are prohibited for parenteral use (Figure 1).

What happens when you call ASADA to discuss the “C” for conditional use?

When you contact ASADA they discuss sports supplementation in general without giving specific supplementation advice. When asked for product recommendations for rehydration they direct you to the AIS website where Endura is listed by name as meeting the AIS guidelines for rehydration. ASADA are an independent and unbiased organisation and therefore will not provide specific product recommendations themselves.

Why use Australian approved and manufactured sports supplements?

ASADA outline the potential dangers involved in using imported products from overseas due to unknown manufacturing standards and ingredients. This outlines the importance of supplements that are produced using only high quality ingredients manufactured at the highest standard like Endura.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.