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We know that the fuel you feed your body can make or break performance. That's why at Endura we're dedicated to producing only the highest-quality, scientifically researched and formulated products, specially designed to help you train harder, race faster and recover quicker.

Endura Sports Nutrition: Range

Endura™ Sports Nutrition is made and distributed by Health World Limited. Health World, Australia’s leading Natural Health Science Company, manufactures and distributes quality Natural Medicines.

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You Plus Endura Gels Equals Win!

Are you getting the most out of your Endura Sports Energy Gels? They are the perfect source of energy for every athlete on the move, providing a convenient fuel supply to prevent you from hitting the wall over the long haul. Digestive function decreases significantly during endurance exercise so it is important that fuel sources are easy on the stomach. Endura Sports Energy Gels are easily digested, particularly when consumed with 250-300 mL of water as this renders them an isotonic formula, reducing the possibility of digestive upset on the run.

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