NEW Optimizer Single-Serve Sachets – Go Further, Recover Even Faster!

The key to sustaining maximum effort, session after session, week after week, is recovery - supplying your body with the nutrients it needs at the right times is crucial in helping your body to bounce back after a gruelling session. NEW Optimizer single-serve sachets pack all the benefits of Endura’s renowned recovery formula and are available as either single sachets or a handy 5 sachet Race-Pack, so you can kick off the recovery process wherever and whenever it suits you!

Small Pack, Big Benefits

Endura Optimizer single-serve sachets may be small but they pack a big punch, delivering the perfect blend of nutrients to fuel recovery. Each sachets contains:

Smash That Recovery Window

The ideal time to start the recovery process is straight after your session (within 30 minutes), when your muscles are primed to uptake those valuable nutrients and replenish glycogen stores. Optimizer single-serve sachets make it easy to fit the recovery window around your lifestyle - stash them in your pocket, gear bag or even your desk at work and recovery is as easy as pour, shake and go. Just pour a sachet into a shaker/mix with 500 mL of water and you’ve got the ideal recovery blend to replenish glycogen stores, conserve muscle mass and get you recovering ASAP. To keep your recovery on track, consume another serve before going to bed to fuel your body’s recovery process through the night when most of the rebuilding process occurs.

Splice-Up Your Recovery

When training for weeks and months in preparation for an event, flavour fatigue can become a real obstacle to sticking with your nutrition plan. Endura Optimizer single-serve sachets come in the exciting New Coco Pine Splice flavour (tastes just like a Pina Colada!), so even if you’re already a devotee of Optimizer’s delicious Chocolate and Vanilla flavours, keep your tastebuds interested by mixing up your supplement flavours and trying something a little exotic.

Try the new flavour and pick up a handy Endura Optimizer Race Pack today - be ready for your next challenge, wherever it happens to be.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.