The key to sustaining maximum effort, session after session, week after week, is recovery - supplying your body with the nutrients it needs at the right times is crucial in helping your body to bounce back after a gruelling session. Endura Optimizer is a comprehensive scientifically formulated recovery formula that’s been tried, tested and proven by elite athletes for over 20 year.


Recovery nutrition can be complex and confusing – do I need protein, BCAAs, electrolytes, glycogen, anti-inflammatory nutrients? And how much?! To make it a little easier, our team of scientists and nutritionists have pored over all the scientific research and athlete feedback…the result is Optimizer. Each serve contains a comprehensive selection of key recovery nutrients in the right ratios, including:

That’s the equivalent of two bowls of pasta or rice in a blend of high performance branched-chain glucose polymers and pure crystalline fructose for rapid glycogen replenishment.

Forgot about eating two eggs - each serve of Endura Optimizer contains the same amount of protein (10.5 g) in the form of pure, enzymatically hydrolysed whey protein isolate that’s rapidly absorbed to preserve muscle mass during recovery.

To assist with replacing losses from sweat and getting your muscles electrolyte levels back in balance.

Help relieve post-session muscle aches with a solid serve of exclusive, highly bioavailable Mega Mag® magnesium - that’s four banana’s worth.


The ideal time to start the recovery process is straight after your session (within 30 minutes), when your muscles are primed to uptake those valuable nutrients and replenish glycogen stores. When you exercise, small micro-tears can occur within the muscle fibres. Your body responds by increasing the production of growth and repair hormones, particularly those associated with muscular tissue. By providing the right nutrients during this time you may be able to conserve muscle mass, recovery times, strength and therefore performance.

Optimizer makes it easy to fit your recovery window around your lifestyle – no need to prepare an elaborate recovery recipe to get the nutrients you need, just mix a serve in a shaker or blender with 500 mL of water and you’ve got the ideal recovery blend to replenish glycogen stores, conserve muscle mass and get you recovering ASAP. To keep your recovery on track, consume another serve before going to bed to fuel your body’s recovery process through the night when most of the rebuilding process occurs.


It is well known amongst sports enthusiasts that whey protein is one of the best supplemental forms of protein for performance - but have you heard about hydrolysed whey protein isolate? Hydrolysed whey protein isolate (WPI) is a special form of whey protein that has been purified and broken down into smaller fragments known as peptides. These peptides are digested and absorbed more easily than whole protein, allowing you greater utilisation of these nutrients for your muscles, with less chance of experiencing digestive symptoms. When you exercise, your ability to digest and absorb is severely reduced. Therefore, your body’s optimal performance requires an easily absorbed protein such as hydrolysed WPI to provide your muscles with the fuel it needs both before and during exercise, and afterwards for enhanced recovery.


The morning before a big race can result in some nervous and stressful times, you want to ensure you’ve got the fuel and nutrients to set you up for a great result, but you don’t typically have time to be cooking up some elaborate recipe to cover all your nutritional needs…and you certainly don’t want a heavy meal sitting like a brick in your gut. You need an energy-rich, nutritionally dense meal that’s easily prepared and rapidly absorbed to get the fuel out of your digestive system and into your muscles where it’s needed most. Optimizer ticks all these boxes, which is why it’s a go-to pre-race breakfast for many endurance professionals – every ingredient has been selected to be metabolically optimised for rapid absorption and minimal digestive impact, so you can focus on your performance and not stress about your nutrition.


As the clock ticks past the two-hour mark and your muscles are burning and starting to fatigue - you know you desperately need to re-fuel with the key nutrients your body craves: Carbohydrates provide energy to keep you moving and protect your remaining glycogen stores, whereas protein helps prevent muscle breakdown. Electrolytes are also required to maintain active hydration, keep your muscles/nerves firing and help prevent cramping.

Endura Optimizer conveniently provides the ideal forms, ratios and quantities of the nutrients your body is begging you for on longer endurance sessions. Optimizer contains a multi-stage-release blend of carbohydrates, including branched chain glucose polymers and pure microcrystalline fructose, supplying you with both rapid and sustained-release energy. In addition, Optimizer provides hydrolysed whey protein isolate, which is rapidly absorbed and easy on the gut, making it ideal to take on the run. The carb to protein ratio of 6:1, as found in Endura Optimizer, is an efficient way to absorb these nutrients into your body while minimising the chance of digestive upset. Last but not least, Optimizer contains key electrolytes, including a unique form of magnesium (Meta Mag® magnesium) that’s rapidly absorbed and less likely to cause digestive upset than other forms of magnesium. To keep you moving when the going gets tough, refuel mid-race with Endura Optimizer.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.