Gelicious New Gels


We’re super-excited to announce our amazing new Energy Gel flavours - inspired by some of nature's most refreshing flavour combinations, Wild Melon Mint, Green Apple and Zesty Lime will have your taste buds thinking they’ve come straight from the orchard. Check out the reviews below or try them for yourself now here.

Ashleign Gentle
“Apple is definitely going to be part of my new race ritual.” - Ashleigh Gentle (Comm Games Gold Medalist)
Sam Betten
“LOVE THEM! Zesty Lime is my fave…if I had to choose just one.” - Sam Betten
Chef Strong
“First time trialling Wild Melon-Mint – big success, very happy!” - @chef strong
Emi L
“Green Apple is by far my new favourite!! Literally tastes like apple juice!” - Emi L
One Girl Running
“Wild Melon-Mint – my new go-to Gel. Endura you’re on a winner there!” - @one_girl_running
“Just tried the Wild Melon-Mint - Woohoo so glad I did. Now I have a new No. 2 favourite flavour - the new apple flavour still holds number ONE spot. Can’t wait for my next long run to try the new lime flavour.” - Noo
“Wild Melon Mint is the bomb, love it!t” - El F
“Loving the new Wild Melon-Mint” - Lorcan Redmond
“Apple is my FAVE!" - Anthony B
"I am in love with these new flavours!! Got me through my 6hrs brick yesterday smiling 👌 👌 👌 ❤️ 💕 ❤️" - Nerissa
Chemist Warehouse

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